Drizzle Inspires Action


You can see what today looks like in Seattle, up Lake Washington, from our Dining table, 1st frame above. Grayness abounds. So, I’m browsing the web for the real facts on what the cats will require for vaccinations, certifications, PURRificatons for moving to Ecuador.


This Seattle drizzle is my inspiration to get the requirements corralled, listed and a plan in place so that in the next 11 months they are on track for kitty relocation.

(Ruby and China looked thrilled!)

Going to post my question on Dano’s blog “AhhhCurenca!!” As he seems to know what is going on there. Great blog – http://danoinec.blogspot.com

Neil is motivated to paint. He’s starting in on all the little painted surfaces needing refreshes  in prep for selling our sweet abode.

After the kitty requirement discovery is concluded, I’ll be shifting to emptying out the guest room closest – destuffing it. Taking year’s of art supplies to


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