Booked It!




It’s for real! We booked our flights to Cuenca. Well, not exactly to Cuenca. In Feb 2015 we’ll be flying from Seattle to Miami and then on the Guayaquil. From there it’s van time up to Cuenca. Our first trip in early Feb will be to set up our home base. Make connections, start our residency process, etc, then head back to Seattle. That way when we fly back to Guayaquil at the end of Feb, we’ll already have our apt and a place for us and our cats to call home for that moment. Hoping that will give us an easy start to our new full time adventure of transitioning into this new culture.

If we can work it out we are plan to get a place before we get there. Even if it isn’t our perfect place it will give us a good launching point.

We also booked our hotel in Guayaquil as we have only been able to unearth 3 that take pets. Since it looks like there is a short inventory supply we thought we’d book it to insure it’s done.

So CHECK IT! Check that one off the list!





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