Destuffing – Art Supplies Move On to Great Artists


A few weeks ago I FINALLY cleared out the pile of art supplies I had stashed in our guest room closet. They have been languishing there for some time, wishing, hoping, dreaming that some artists would use them up.

Well I knew just the place to find these artists. Treehouse Foster Care program.

I took new and loved up supplies; rubber stamps, inks, paints, stickers, papers, sketch pads, colored pens… to their magical warehouse. This warehouse is where any foster kid in Seattle can go and get set up with brand new clothes, sports equipment, and other stuff like art supplies.

Now I know a bunch of sprouting artists will get to use up all these supplies. It feels amazing to help provide something these wonderful kids might want to have. And it feels great to have less stuff stuck in a closet. Woot!

One more major act in our destuffing process, so we can move to Cuenca, Ecuador feeling light and hopefully easy.


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