Our Temporary Home

It is strange to live in our home and know that we are going to sell it in about 6 months. Of course we hope a buyer steps right up at the perfect moment. But in the meantime, I’m experiencing this weird transfer of emotion from “this is the home we own (except for the bank part) until we croak,” to “this is the home we are temporarily living in for a bit.”¬† I keep remembering that everything really is impermanent, no matter whether it’s my lunch meal, Seinfield’s TV Series, or The Great Wall of China, it all moves on at some point.

At one time we thought we would punch out the upstairs attic to make a lovely studio space for me and give Neil the easy roof deck access he has dreamed about. Right now we use a ladder to get on our flat roof for great views of Lake Washington, Mt. Baker and downtown Seattle. But other dreams rolled right over that one. The dream to stretch ourselves mentally, by taking on learning another language – serious mental stretch. We’ll see how much space is still in IMAG1008those old brain cells. The dream to live abroad so that we can experience the richness of the cultures and countries outside of our US comfort zone. And most of all the dream to have time to explore the world together on a daily basis on our own terms and time frame while we are both still physically mobile.

But to get there from here we are giving up our dream home in Seattle. A place we have created so much joy and great memories in with family and friends. Marvelous house concerts, Seafair parties, family celebrations and even a friends ministerial ordination. Even though we are both culling through our piles of stuff and little by little shedding and removing it, I’m not sure that will be enough to prepare us emotionally for truly letting go of this amazing place we have called home for 10 years. The override button will be pushed and Seattle home memories will take a backseat to the new memories we hope to create in our new home of Cuenca, Ecuador.










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