Check Vet Phase 1 and DOL Heaven!



After chugging away at work this morning, I was able to use the later part of this afternoon to run personal errands. I have a big project at work and I’ll be “on it” this Sunday so that gave me some time to roam today and handle a few things.

Since we are the odd people who are taking their cats with them to Cuenca, it means there is some serious hoop jumping we’ll be going through to make that happen. Now since we both believe what we put our intention on increases and grows, we are putting our attention on making this transfer of two nonflying furballs from Norte America to South America (I think that is America del Sur) to be as smooth as possible.

So today I visited the vet clinic that is just about 6 blocks from our home and had a chat with the two receptionists there. The fun thing when I mentioned that I was there to determine what and when the vaccination shots for the cats would need to happen for our move to Ecuador, one of the receptionists said, “Ecuador” in a joyful way. We started to share info and it turns out she and her boyfriend are traveling to Cuenca in September! So cool. They are taking a 3 1/2 months journey in South America. She said she was most looking forward to Cuenca. It was just such a blast to have that happen at the vets!

Also, I really stretched myself out on the “let all things go smoothly” limb when I decided to take the opportunity of this free time afternoon to get my license renewed. Did I hear a groan? One of my 5 sisters told me that the last time she went to the WA DOL it took her 2-3 hours to get processed. So I was kind of feeling like I was tempting fate by heading there around 2:30pm on a Friday. But what do you know. I got my number and in 15 minutes I was out of there with my updated license that is good for 5 years! And the DOL lady was so kind about letting me choose a second photo. Thank you gracious DOL lady!

I was talking to a friend later on the phone and mentioned the photo thing and it made me think that the DOL folks probably show all our goof photos as a slide show during their Christmas Party- X that – Holiday Party.


1. Vet visit Phase 1 complete – with appt for kitties in June.

2. Driver’s license updated before it’s due in Feb. (One last thing that needs to crunch my schedule during crunch time.)


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