Does this mean she ought to go?




We have a gorgeous, wonderful friend Deborah. She lives full out. I’m amazed how good she is at everything and she doesn’t do anything partway, she only does it full blast with impeccability. Which is why we, and a bunch of folks, love her. Well, she has been contemplating moving to a developing country. It turns out her daughter is just about to graduate from high school and so that means Deborah would be free to roam. At least that is what I thought she meant late last year when she mentioned wanting to move to a developing country/low cost country. But  that wasn’t her motivation. She is going to move so she can allocate more funds to go to her beloved daughter’s College fund. WOW. I don’t think my folks ever considered moving to Mexico so that I could go to college. In fact, just thinking about that is very funny for me.

IMAG0284The great thing is there is no one way to do anything. It really wouldn’t have been the thing for my folks, but it is very true to who Deborah is in making this kind of choice to support her daughter + it is a WIN for her because she loves to travel and has lived in other countries before, so perhaps it is just an nice catalyst to get her to jump on the plane. For me the WIN is that Deborah is grokking moving to Cuenca because Neil and I will be there. How fabulous is that!  Does that mean she ought to go?

Now comes the fun part of this posting. Deborah was in NYC a few weekends ago and she was on a short airflight and happened to sit next to a very handsome, young man. They started talking and when she asked him where is from, he said “Ecuador.” Really, then she said she shouted with her outside voice “No Way!” They started talking and he told her Cuenca was a marvelous place to live and that she’d love it there. Does that mean she ought to go?

IMAG0309Next she shares that once she arrived at her home on the eside of Seattle and talking with her ex-husband. They have a very congenially relationship which is another reason Deborah is a Star at living her life.  Anyway, she mentions to him about this coincidence with the Ecuador guy and then her ex says, “I have tickets to Ecuador.” Of course, she must have replied “No Way!” It seems he had bought them to travel with a now disconnected girlfriend. So he says to Deborah, “I can come with our daughter to visit you at Christmas.” How crazy good is that! Does that mean she ought to go?

I say, “Absolutely!”


Photos from our Jan 2011 trip to Cuenca.


2 responses to “Does this mean she ought to go?

  1. And the story continues… Deborah here. Thank you, Moni, for such sweetness!
    Next, my college-bound daughter is looking on her “online-roommate-finding” site — yes, this is how they do it now. She indicates whether she is neat or messy, early bird or night owl, prefers music or silence when studying, etc. And the site does the matchmaking.! Her favorite possibility for a roommate? Out of all the cool girls she met on the site? You guessed it — a young woman from Ecuador!
    Hmmm… does that mean I ought to go? 😉

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