It happened like that

cslcuenca I often troll the GringoTree Cuenca listing to just see what folks are posting there. Meet for dinner. Special restaurant discount. Looking for an apartment! I had noticed a couple of postings for Christian meetings or worship times and it made me wish there was a CSL in Cuenca. CSL is short for Center for Spiritual Living. Which happens to be where I go to church and is my spiritual community of choice. There are lots of CSL’s all over the US and some international as well. What’s marvelous about the CSL denomination is that it’s based on the Spiritual Principles found in all the major religions, the findings of science and philosophical truths. So it is more about practicing the principles then following one style of religion. The good news is there is a way for everyone. Whether you bend toward Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Paganism, Hinduism, Doitmywayism… you can’t really get it wrong if you are following your heart. So for me CSL is perfect because I honor all paths and appreciate getting to take my own, along with thousands of others like me that took the path less traveled. Well, back to the whole point of this post is that when I was recently trolling GringoTree I saw a post for a Centre for Spiritual Living Cuenca! What????????????????????????? That’s right. Judi Lewtasky from Vancouver B.C. (hence the spelling Centre not Center) started up the CSL Cuenca. And on top of that I’m acquainted with Judi from when Neil and I used to visit our friend who was the minister at the CSL in Vancouver. We were blessed to meet amazing, kind people there, including Judi and Ernie. It turns out Judi and Ernie took the plunge and moved to Cuenca over a year ago. Of course this falls right in with my belief in what you put your attention on increases and the Law of Attraction. We seem to have attracted to us a potential experience in Cuenca like we are used to having in Seattle. Divine Love-Intelligence comes shining through with this glorious beginning of the CSL Cuenca. For anyone in Cuenca or visiting Cuenca and want to experience CSL Cuenca here is the info:

The beautiful Light that was Judi Lewtasky passed away in December of 2014. Judi was a wonderful person. Since she was the force behind the CSL Cuenca I believe it is not meeting. Perhaps someone will take it up in the future which would be grand, and a marvelous way to honor Judi’s dream of a CSL Cuenca.


One response to “It happened like that

  1. Hi Moni. Just dropping by to check out your blog and say howdy to one of my favorite chicas! I hope to get to Cuenca just as soon as you’re settled enough for company. xxoo

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