Blog Back Fill

Today, I’m doing blog back fill. It’s been about 6 months since my last (Last!) post. In that time Neil and I have both been diligently engaged in detaching ourselves from long term life in Seattle, while still savoring our moment to moment existence here.

Almost weekly we have experienced many small sized “Lasts” for some area of our lives and than the seemingly bigger ones; last Wedgwood manor stay, last Seafair party, last Mariners game, last ride in “little red,” and last walks as homeowners in our neighborhood. Emotional, invigorating, disorientating and harmonizing all at the same time.

Getting through June was a chore. Things happened that really tested our tenacity in our faith that the Multiverse of Creation IS in a conspiracy for our Good always. Forever at choice, we each got to choose whether to believe blessings were buried somewhere in the turmoil and to claim them or whether to let the appearance of turmoil rule our lives. Using our spiritual practices we carefully stepped forward walking through the turmoil that felt like a dense fog all around us until it really did lift and dissipate away. One of the many blessings from that was a sense that we were training for how to master such bumpy life experiences together, while we are living in another country, relying on each other with mostly our faith to truly guide us.

Then there was July. It was one of the sadder July’s I have lived through. Several people we know passed on from this life, including a very good friend. What came to me from the culmination of those dear folks moving on from the lives they had to whatever they have become, is again the impermanence of this thing called my life here and now, and your life here and now. It makes me ever more grateful for whatever time I have where I am now, with whoever I am with. It also makes me beyond grateful that Neil and I are able to “close up shop” so to speak, with the way we have been living in Seattle to pursue together all the world has to offer us on a day to day basis and discover what more we can joyfully offer the world.

Our August was full of completing our time in our home in Lakewood/Seward Park. – Funny this is as far as I got when I started this post in November!

Okay back to about August…it was all about our LAST seafair party and destuffing our home in prep for putting on the market in September. We also had to sew up where we were going to move to temporarily with China and Ruby, our cats, for six months till heading off to Cuenca.

September we moved downtown Seattle. Belltown to be exact. We are loving it! I’ll post a little bit about our apt building after I get this summary post done. Really! Back to September…we went to our LAST Mariners baseball games as Seattlelites. We have a tradition of going the last weekend of games. We are kind of gluttons for punishment when it comes to the M’s. But they did perk up a bit this year and it was fun to watch them. Thankfully we have Felix – the KING – Hernandez as our awesome pitcher. Along with the addition of the upbeat, stellar professional, seemingly great guy, Robinson Cano. Kyle Seager is giving my memories of Adrian Beltre a  workover. (Still love how amazing Beltre defends 3rd, but Kyle is stepping into that stratosphere of great player.) Okay enough about the M’s. Fun thing happened at our Last, Last game. Out of 40,000 people I spotted a friend from 1st grade! I hadn’t got to see her for about a decade so it was fairly miraculous to spot her 20 rows  up behind us. She wasn’t even supposed to be sitting in those seats. Super fun to connect with her and see her fireball daughter. (OMG the daughter looks and sounds just like my friend did when we were in highschool – watch out world!)
We also put our home on the market mid-september. Had hopes it would sell fast and in some perspectives it did. We closed on it and were complete by Thanksgiving Eve. But it wasn’t our dream process. Neil and I learned alot and hope we don’t have to apply it to selling a house again. We would both be good with not needing to do that.

October whooshed by and the big shift was my Mom moved from this side of Washington, West; water side, milder weather, rather liberal, to the East; desert side, harsher weather, rather conservative. The good news is there is lots of family there to keep her occupied and interested in daily life. We still had family drama anyway, but I think we are starting to all get past that. After all it is really about what is best for our Mom, not what is the best way each of her 8 kids wants it to work out.

November, where did it go? November was a blur. Neil and I are just having such a marvelous time living right downtown in Seattle. We love going out for walks whether to the waterfront (5 blocks away) or to South Lake Union (10 blocks away) or just waking the cool streets.
The strange thing for us was we are used to being in Hawaii for most of November. That was a rude awakening to find ourselves in the cold drizzle of the Northwest instead. The great trade off was to be able to spend Thanksgiving with a bunch of our family. Trading trade winds for cold winds and warm family hugs.  I think this was our first Thanksgiving where the fashion wear was Seahawks jerseys! Go HAWKS!

Now on to December. We did our LAST holiday party at the Seward Park Clay studio. A great time but you have to get there right when it opens at 6:30. The studio is nestled down on Seward Park in the little bay/lee? there where folks swim in the summer. When we are lucky the Christmas ships go by all lit up with Christmas music blaring out a ways as they pass the Seward Park Peninsula.

Today is Dec. 21! Our clock is really ticking. Our friend Deborah DID move to Cuenca (see post “Does this mean she’ll go?”) Well she did go. She moved to Cuenc about a month ago. I have skyped with her twice, including yesterday when Neil joined in to. We all decided we would give living together a try. Deborah had rented a gorgeous 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom brand new extremely well built condo in a building of 5 condos. This is on the 3rd and 4th floor. Rent is $650 + internet and utilities so total will be about $720 a month. Fabulosah! She is a peach. Now we have a place in Cuenca to start out with a very good friend. Life is GOOD!

Tis the season to stuff in get togethers. Time to sign off. Meeting up with a friend that I might not see again for quite some time as she lives in Eugene now. Then a couple of our nieces and a boyfriend are coming over for some Seahawk time this evening. Then on to Christmas…

Season’s blessings to all!


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