Shedding my work skin

Amazingly I have been retired a whole 14 days! I’m still in shock that I don’t have to go to or think about my previous work. However, easier said than done, having been at that work just a month shy of 15 years. Which may explain why the first few mornings the insidious, but thinking themselves “helpful,” work worms would wiggle into my brain as soon as I awoke. You know things like…Oh I need to get into the backend of the CRM and change this setting, or update an alias in the redirector in WP or post an FB ad, or did I cover my ass on that particular job!…

Fortunately we flew off to Tucson on Jan 16, the day after my retirement. That put the work worms on hold, stalling them with the previous useful deflector called “vacation.” Only the strange thing was I wasn’t on “vacation” I was on a trip. (Neil heard that once you are retired you no longer need to go on vacations – you are now going on trips because your schedule is yours to command.) So here I was in the mesmerizing Sonora desert, awash in vivid blue skies, stark majestic mountain ranges like the Santa Catalina’s and desert flora and fauna of all types and I was letting this new skin, this retirement skin start it’s growth over the work skin I had just shed.

Wish I would have taken a picture of this amazing shed skin of a common garden snake that we saw up close at a wildlife exhibit in Catalina State Park. But this is kind of what it looked like.

(image from bing license free to share files.)

It was trippy. Folks we golfed with would say ask if we were on vacation and for some reason Neil took great pleasure in saying, “Moni’s not – she’s retired!” I would almost hear gasps as it wasn’t what folks expected to hear. And that usually led to them asking about our plans and such which would take us into talking about moving out of the US, etc…

So day by day I get to become accustomed to my new retirement-life skin that hopefully retains all the best that I learned from working all these years; resilience, flexibility, collaboration, juggling the benefits of order versus the creativity of chaos, navigating through drama and conflict to see beyond to a greater possibility and to reach it. The joys and humors of teams. Deepening my understanding of what matters; love, compassion, being present, being authentic and choosing Joy over upset at the earliest opportunity.

I’m sure all of the above and more will be absolutely necessary to thriving and not just surviving in this new life journey I’m about to launch on with Neil as we head to Cuenca Ecuador on Feb 5.


2 responses to “Shedding my work skin

  1. Hey Moni – we’ve decided this is our last year here – hope to be in Cuenca before the New Year! (Not telling any locals yet, so keep it out of FB). Hugs! Nancy & Andre

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