Not all dreams come true

“I took the early bus.” That was the text message Neil just sent me. (Neil’s been a bus commuter in Seattle since Sept. Selling his car early as prep for being a commuter in Cuenca.) He is on his way to meet me at our Belltown apt. Then around 7pm our friends are showing up with a van to load our stuff. We have a herd of footlockers that we are taking. Maybe it’s a murder and not a herd cause they are black like crows. Anyway, we’re loading the 5 lockers, two golf bags, 1 big suitcase and schlepping two carry-ons with our backpacks into the van. Destination – SeaTac airport. Finally our day has arrived. We are off to Cuenca! Woohooooooo! Neil and I have been planning this for about 5 years.

IMG_20150204_225827_952(Ruby our seal point Siamese is guarding them. She and China come down with us on our final launch date from Seattle on Feb 28)

We take our first step toward setting up our new apartment with our beloved friend Deborah who has gone down and sleuthed out a great place for us all to live for a bit. We all decided that 6 months was the perfect commitment time to see how the whole living with housemates rolls for each of us. Dropping off stuff during this 10 day trip, back to Seattle for two weeks then Hasta Luego to Seattle on Feb 28.

So our dream to explore the world beyond our familiar borders is coming true. First stop Cuenca Ecuador, where we fully expect to be pulled like taffy from our US centric focused lives to world citizen lives. I hope to be flexible and open to all the new ways things get done, occur, don’t occur, etc then I’m used. Or more like that I expect in my instant delivery life here in Seattle. Time will tell how we weather this change of ecological and social climates. Jack Nicoloson just popped into my head “You can’t handle the Truth.” Well Jack I do hope I can.

Our dream that didn’t come true was having our marvelous, magical Seahawks Re-PETE. Here is to next year and the dream that I hope comes true of being able to watch the game and celebrate our win in Cuenca Ecuador! Go Hawks!



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