Inside the Pot of Gold – Empty Space, Loving Family and Friends

That last two weeks in Seattle, sold my car, rented a car, took the cats to the vet for the health certificate sign off, drove to Olympia for the USDA sign off, visited the Secretary of State’s office to have documents apostilled, took umpteen loads of stuff to the Goodwill (where does it all come from), emptied our apt of all our remaining furniture. I spent my birthday with her sister Linda who generously helped me with last details of packing, Neil had his retirement party and then his last work day was Friday, Feb 27. That day two good girl friends, Mia and Melissa came and together with me and we hoisted all the furniture out of our apt into a uhaul van and car.

Stuff GaloreThe next day our nephew, Jake and his sweetheart, Ambree came and loaded up the queen bed that was the last of stuff we had that we hadn’t packed up to bring with us to Cuenca. The fun was having those great people around to soften our last two days. We even had time to walk with Jake and Ambree to the waterfront. It was a gorgeous Seattle day, perfect for sauntering down to the waterfront. and it turned out that when we walked on the Bell Street Pier Jake realized that is where he and Ambree had come for their Senior Prom about 5 years ago.

In the middle of the day 3 more nieces came by and we got to hang out in the laid back mezzanine at Via6. Lastly, we did our walk through to release our apt, and as we handed off our keys we were sherpa-ing our footlockers and two cats down to the van of our good friends where Mike and Larry patiently waited to drive us off to SeaTac.


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