Inside the Pot of Gold – Million Dollar View, Chicken Wings and New Friends

Have you wondered what the inside of the Pot of Gold looks like? We have reached it. We crawled right in that Pot of Gold on Monday afternoon (Mar 2,2015) once we reached our new home in Cuenca. What’s it like in the Pot? Shiny and full of Light, Love and Infinite Possibility. The funny thing is that is what is on the outside of the Pot too.

Our amazing lives in Seattle have come to an elegant ending. I’m sure we will visit of course. We have family and friends to see there. However, our day-to-day living in Seattle is complete.

tour boat guayaquil riverWhat a marvelous ending. After being here in Cuenca until Feb 13, we headed to Seattle on Feb 14 to close up our life there. Yes, Valentines day. We had the good fortune of meeting a lovely couple, Patricia and David at a dinner party in our new apt in Cuenca the night before, and they graciously offered to give us a ride to Guayaquil (3 hours from Cuenca, up and over the Andes down to sea level.

Now the wonder of it is that we had waited to schedule a ride down to Guayaquil and had just left it open. Through our week in Cuenca we would check in with each other to see what we wanted to do and if it was time to schedule something. Several options; take a public bus for about $3 bucks, Superior bus $12 bucks, private driver anywhere from $90 – 120. So when David agreed to take us it felt kind of like a reward for trusting that the perfect way to get to Guayaquil would appear and we didn’t need to stress about it. We had stressed plenty and planned plenty already and that is why we truly appreciated the way the ride “appeared” for us.

Patricia and DavidDavid and Patricia are charming, world travelers who also recently moved to Cuenca. They picked us up in their rental car and we proceeded to drive to Guayaquil. David could have been a nascar driver the way he was able to maneuver through the unpredictable, aggressive, ecuadorian traffic. On the way we hopped out at Tres Cruces (three crosses) to take a quick look around at 13,500ft. After about 5 minutes the chilly air convinced us to move along. Once we got to Guayaquil this sweet couple offered us space in their hotel room to stow our bags and then invited us to head for dinner with them.

Since Neil and I had been in Guayaquil back in early 2011 we knew about the marvelous malecon and suggested we head there. Patricia and David were up for it so we ended up just a few blocks walk till entering this gorgeous boardwalk along the Guayaquil river. Dinner ended up being a million dollar view in a tourist restaurant with chicken wings and a pitcher of beer. Not likely the Valentine dinner they had imagined when they booked their overnight in Guayaquil. They were gracious sports about it and never let on for a moment that this change of plans wasn’t just fine with them.

malecon guayaquilFrom their hotel we caught a shuttle to the GYE airport. The young van driver was kind and willing to try out his english with us, which was much better than our spanish. Next, we holed out for a few hours and then off to Seattle, through Miami, Dallas and finally into SeaTac.

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