Inside the Pot of Gold – Stamped Papers and Grace

Finally, we made it to Guayaquil. Breezed through customs and had picked up our 6 footlockers and were trundling off with lockers, two carry-on bags and two kitties toward the exit point when out stepped the woman from Ecuador Agricultura Oficina. Yikes. We thought we’d made it. Instead after traveling for over 24 hours straight, Neil enters this windowed room while I stand just outside with basically almost all the belongings we have in the world,and our cats. I can feel Neil’s anxiety rising. Which makes sense as we are both frazzed and need to communicate in Spanish which isn’t even close to being our language. I get the internal memo – Pray now. So I did. Grace. Peace. Ease. Bless. Bless. Bless… After some primitive translation and hand gesturing by Neil and the official, the official let us go. She had accepted our stack of stamped certified papers and our thanks, and off we went to meet Jorge and Beverly for our last stop before heading to Cuenca in the morning.

Happy CatsAnd so we arrived. Kitties in tow, climbing the stairs to our apt near Parque Iberia. We had crawled right into our Pot of Gold only to find it has no boundaries, no limits and is everywhere for those who recognize it.

Van image – Beverly graciously holding one of our cats, while Jorge shows off how well ALL of our stuff fits in his van.


3 responses to “Inside the Pot of Gold – Stamped Papers and Grace

  1. Yes, trying to find cat litter in an airport is a pretty ridiculous quest. Kitties are digging their new space. Two floors to explore and chill on.

  2. I love the metaphor of “inside the pot of gold”!! Very happy for you and the outpicturing of your several year vision to be looking at the pot from the inside out. So great to hear the details of your journey too. Kind of felt like we were riding along. Does this mean you and Neil are dressing like leprecauns now?? xxoo

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