“No problem”

Sometimes the Universe (okay more like frequently,) has to constantly badger me before I actually “get” the Good message. In this instance it had to do with what I considered the over-used and misused phrase, “No problem.” People said it to me – and say it to me, all the time. And it really irritated me. Ask my friend Heather LaneMcCants -she’ll just nod her head – Yes! I had told her that I really couldn’t stand how people would reply “No problem” to me when I know the more correct reply would likely be “You’re welcome,” or something like that.But time and time again they would reply “No problem” when there never was a problem. It annoyed me so much I once responded “No problem” over the phone to a customer service gal who had said No problem in reply to my thanking her for service. She hesitated, confused by my echo of her own words. She finally said, Is there anything else? I said, “No problem” and she ended with saying “Thanks for calling x company.” Then we hung up.

I had confided in Heather about this phrase irritating me, and said I’d love to not have it bug me anymore and just kind of laugh it off when I would hear it. Of course, Heather, being the gracious southerner that she is said something like, “Bless your heart.” And every so often she would say to me, out of the blue, as we worked near each other, “Hey Moni – No problem!” and I would laugh. Or I would get off the phone with a vendor and say out loud to Heather the last thing the vendor had said to me,”No problem.” I think because I was willing to have a different experience about this phrase that the act of changing my focus gave me a gift for life. Because one day, a few months ago, it dawned on me. I could almost hear the Angels. Ahhh-ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh AAAAhhhhhh! I got an internal message that informed me that every time someone said “No problem”, regardless of why it was said, that it was the Universe (Multiverse of creation, God, Source…) REMINDING me, through all these wonderful people, that there aren’t any problems. Whether I’m thinking about problems or not. Whatttt! How dense I had been. Now I love this phrase. It just took me several years to truly hear it, but as we all can relate – better late than never. No problem! And now in Cuenca, “No problema!”

2 responses to ““No problem”

  1. My neighbor says, “No worries!” which I quite like. But then, he is quite the untroubled, wrinkle-free person.

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